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  1. LeAnne Knudsen

    Dear Carla, I was greatly saddened to hear of your father’s passing. Time flies. I remember a home filled with fresh pasta, wonderful discussions and music. We carry the memory of those who have touched us forever in our heart and souls. Best wishes to you and your family and much love from the past remembrance of your family’s friendship. LeAnne

  2. chaD


    This was awesome, thanks for doing this and sharing your father with us. He was a great man and looks like he had a huge impact on many people. Clearly he has done a great job raising you and now you are carrying that on with Dominic. His legacy is carrying on in you and Dominic.


  3. Jackie & Joe Hebel

    Dear Carla,

    We are very sorry about your father. Kurt was very lucky in his in-laws. We enjoyed every time we met with your parents from the first time that we met in Champaign. It was wonderful to meet with him in Albuquerque and we will miss him. He was gracious and kind and made a friend of everyone he met. We are so happy that that we got to have dinner with him last May. All of our thoughts are with you and Robert.

    Love, Jackie and Joe

  4. Warren Heffron

    Carla. Thanks so much for sharing these things about the family. There were some neat things I had never gotten to know personally about the family even though I had known him for something going on to 40 years and had seen Joe, Rita and Mrs. Giampietro as patients. You come from a wonderful family. I had seen Joe in the clinic just a couple of weeks before and the last visit was so special as we sat for a few minutes afterward and he shared with me the inspiration he had felt from being allowed to do all the things he had accomplished here at UNM. I’ll always remember how his face shone that day and his eyes sparkled. Warren

  5. Soeurette

    Dear Robert & Laura,

    What a wonderful tribute to your father, Joseph. Robert, you are a loving and giving man with so much zest for life. Clearly, your father’s genes have carried on through you and your son and daughter. I should thank your father for teaching you the gift of giving as you have done so much for me over the 20+ years we have known each other. You are so obviously cut from his mold. Love always, Soeurette

  6. Danette Peavy

    I was saddened to hear about Dr. Scaletti’s passing. I used to work with Dr. Scaletti when I moved from main campus to the School of Medicine in the Office of Research. He was a very easy individual to work with. He made my job easy.

    May you rest in peace Dr. Scaletti.

  7. David Bennahum

    What a lovely tribute. I am only sorry that I didn’t know more about Joe before. It only shows that we need to know each other better; but then I suppose that that is what Joe would have thought. David Bennahum

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